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title marker graphic passive ultrasonic detection

This technology has become increasingly sophisticated over recent years, and with the added advantage of not needing direct line of sight can identify:


Early signs of tracking inside in components inside panels, without the need to open doors or remove covers.

Dry or worn bearings in electric motors.

Leaks in steam pipes

Break-down of oil in transformers and high voltage switchgear.

Deterioration of contact surfaces in circuit breakers, as small as 6 Amp, before they start to overheat.

We record all waveforms emitted from components in which issues are suspected, for further analysis.

Ultrasonic detection is particularly useful as an interim test between de-energised tests on high voltage systems, as it is completely non-intrusive.

We use only Ue Systems 10000 probes and software, giving the excellent resolution and accuracy you would expect from the market leader.




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