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title marker graphic THERMAL IMAGING

With an increasing number of companies offering this service, it is important to ensure that an informed decision is made before selecting the company most suitable for the project.

If the thermal imaging requirements include testing the electrical distribution components, it is crucial to choose a supplier whose technicians are competent electricians, experienced in this specialist field and capable of assessing any issues found, and understanding all safety issues associated with working on live electrical equipment.

It is important to choose a company who can further investigate problems and suggest ways of addressing, as well as identifying them.

Our technicians use the Fluke 43B as their standard multimeter, giving a full on-the-spot analysis of any issues together with  Flir thermal imaging cameras .The findings are recorded for inclusion in the report.

Thermal Imaging is an excellent diagnostic tool for facility managers and engineers, some uses are:


Identifying ‘hot-spots’ in electrical components, caused by loose or over-tightened connections or overloads.

Highlighting overheating bearings on electric motors.

Checking for imbalances in three phase components.

Identifying blockages in the cooling fins of oil-filled transformers, or sump heater circuits on standby generator sets.

Imaging the exteriors of buildings, to identify points of heat loss.

Checking lagging on hot water pipes at industrial premises for damage.

Non-intrusive testing, especially checking high-voltage connections from a safe distance.




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