Who we are

Frederick Thomas Electrical & Maintenance Limited was first registered as a limited company on 3rd March 1998. Prior to this the company traded as a division of Frederick Thomas Building Services Limited which was incorporated on 13th August 1987.

The Company was set up by Derek Collins and John Leigh. In the early years the company, although offering mechanical and electrical services, was heavily biased towards mechanical as Derek Collins and John Leigh were both mechanical engineers.

In 1997 Derrick Charlesworth joined the Company to redress the imbalance electrically.
The ethos of the company is very much working with our clients due to its co-operative and non-confrontational intent.

Derrick Charlesworth (electrically biased) and Derek Collins ( mechanically biased) remain at the companies helm.

The company’s mission statement is “co-operation not confrontation”

The company believe in supporting the industry hence they are affiliated to all relevant associations in our sector. We also believe in the throughput of skilled tradespeople in the electrical contracting industry. We regularly engage both engineering apprentices and adult trainees through to trade qualified status.

Both directors are accessible to clients and our own workforce on a 24/7 basis.

Within the company we employ the direct services of Contract Managers, Project Managers, Design Engineers/CAD Technicians, Accountants and accounts assistants together with support staff both internally and externally.

At site level we employ qualified trades personnel from technician electrician thorough all grades to apprentice level.

Frederick Thomas believe in the continual training of our existing workforce, both academic and health and safety.